On 31 May, 1st and 2nd June 2019 the Ciemmona Interplanetaria comes back to Rome.

From the Critical Mass to the Ciemmona, we are ready to ride.

‘Critical Mass’ because Critical is the Mass that, through the cyclometaphore, shares its antiracist, antifascist and antisexist contents.

At every climb it meets it will push harder on the pedals. At any attempt to stop it, it will spread the free circulation of ideas with its usual joyful energy.

From Critical Mass to Ciemmona we added an “-ona” (=bigger): that “-ona” contains a power which is capable of crossing interplanetary borders. The whole city becomes a melting pot of languages, colours and cultures, all riding towards the same direction, against every discrimination and supports the free circulation of people, ideas and cultures.

Since 2004, every last weekend of May, we happen to meet up and join the Critical Mass to reaffirm and to define our freedom.

In the Interplanetary Ciemmona,bicycles, which have always been a symbol of resistance supporting every individual’s need for movement, create a colorful, and jouful mass which has no leaders.

Its own essence gives birth to a new way to relate to the surrounding environment.

The Mass creates and covers spaces previously considered unaccessible; it supports and celebrates the principle of autodetermination of individuals and communities who can move independently, free from restrictions and borders, through no longer hostile seas and lands.

The Mass does not know its route, but it has a well-defined course to

define, and therefore claims the free circulation of ideas, giving birth to a horizontal and free space that conceives every possible undertone of antifascist, antiracist and antisexist ideal, in order to create and develop critical thoughts.

The Mass welcomes everyone, and everyone contributes to it by shaping it, regardless of differences of age, gender, culture, route, fisionomy, against every discrimination.

The Mass will bring, together with its thoughts, a mouthful of fresh air, clean and free from particulates; it will invade roads that are yet congested by way too heavy tincans. Because in a city that is always in a hurry, a slow pace will teach us to be free!