Ciemmona 2015: The Four (Cycling) Days of Milan / Le 4 giornate (ciclistiche) di Milano


We can’t wait to welcome you all in Milan (in Milan? Yes, in Milan!) for the 12th Ciemmona, in other words The Interplanetary Critical Mass that will take place between the 28th and 31st of May 2015.

Ciemmona is The Critical Mass of the Critical Masses and takes place once a year: Critical Mass was born in San Francisco in 1992 on the cry of its cyclists “We are traffic!” and to this day the appointment recurs every month (or week like in Milan) in hundreds of cities of the planet, claiming the right to live and move in a people-oriented environment, against the dominance of motor vehicles. Critical Mass is a direct action of joyful and subversive repossession of the urban space, which makes real and immediate its sharing within all cyclists: you just need a bike!

Here follows the temporary program of the Four Cycling Days of Milan, but you can consider final dates and times of Critical Mass (on Thursday) and Ciemmona (on Saturday).

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